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we Have 5508 image of Watercolor - Watercolor splashes are best when using the yellow or orange watercolor. Watercolor splashes work well for backgrounds, as they always look good. To do a watercolor splash background, you need to paint over the same image multiple times, and the base color should always be yellow. As for the orange or yellow watercolor splashes, you can do what you want with it and add other colors as well to the watercolor splash, if you desire. I will be covering each of the frames that I have for this page, so just bookmark that part of the page and click on it when you're done. Also, you can use the best paper for your frame, especially if you don't like the color that you painted on. For orange, use the paper that has the color orange printed on it. The yellow paper can be used if you don't like the color yellow. If you like the splashes with the orange or yellow ink, you can print out the paper that has the splashes printed on it and then use that. For this page, I wanted to do a look, where I use the orange watercolor and some yellow ink to do a watercolor splashes, to see if the splashes looked different. This is how I did it, using the orange ink, and some yellow ink. I also used some yellow paint to put in the spray bottle. I painted the background around the orange ink, and the yellow ink, as well as some areas in the middle. I was very happy with how the orange ink came out, and the other colors were even more beautiful. In fact, it was hard to tell the watercolor splashes were not real. The yellow ink is usually the best to do an orange splash, so I'm just going to use it a lot more.

April 2011






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